U.N. Lifts Wounded from Bosnian City; Srebrenica Defenders to Give Up Arms

The Washington Post
April 19, 1993

TUZLA, Bosnia – An air evacuation of the most seriously wounded civilians in Serb besieged Srebrenica began today, just hours after U.N. officials mediated what they described as a demilitarization of the shell-shattered Slavic Muslim enclave but w2at most Western ...  (Read more)

Going to Sleep in a Quiet Bosnian Hotel … and Waking Up in a Battle Zone

The Washington Post
April 17, 1993

VITEZ, Bosnia – The wake-up call at the Kesim hotel and gas station came at 5:45 a.m., as loud and clear as a salvo of mortars.

In fact, it was a salvo of mortars.

The boom-whiz-bang was followed by rifle shots as the hotel guests — five foreign journalists ...  (Read more)

NATO Warplanes Seal Off Bosnian Airspace; U.S., French and Dutch Fighter Pilots Report No Violations of Prohibited Zone

The Washington Post
April 13, 1993

SPLIT, Croatia – U.S., French and Dutch fighter planes today made their first flights to enforce a U.N.-mandated “no-fly zone” over war-torn Bosnia, an operation that U.N. officials concede will likely have little effect on Serb nationalist supremacy ...  (Read more)

U.N. Officials Denounce Bosnian Serb Barrage; Shelling of Srebrenica Is Called an ‘Atrocity’

The Washington Post
April 14, 1993

SPLIT, Croatia – Outraged U.N. officials in Bosnia abandoned their customary diplomatic tones today and bitterly denounced Monday’s Serb nationalist bombardment of the Muslim city of Srebrenica — a daylong barrage that left 56 people dead, including ...  (Read more)