I’ve been involved in a number of journalism projects, and this part of the website contains links to them. One project, built around a story I wrote for the New Yorker about the toppling of the statute of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in 2003, consisted of assembling archival material related to the toppling — books that touched on it, photos and such. Another project was a long thread I wrote on Twitter that recounted, on the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, my journey covering that calamity; the thread included pictures I took during the invasion, and it seemed to strike a chord. I also pulled together, into a single thread, much of what I wrote on Twitter about the Nobel Prize awarded to genocide denier Peter Handke. Another Iraq project — I co-curated a multimedia exhibit about the invasion, featuring the remarkable war diaries of Marine Lt. Tim McLaughlin. And finally, I used to have a blog, back when people did that, and I’ve archived it on this site.

Saddam Statue Toppling (archival material)

Iraq Invasion (Twitter thread)

Nobel Prize and Peter Handke (Twitter thread)

War Diaries From Iraq Invasion (gallery exhibit)

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