Going to Sleep in a Quiet Bosnian Hotel … and Waking Up in a Battle Zone

The Washington Post
April 17, 1993

VITEZ, Bosnia – The wake-up call at the Kesim hotel and gas station came at 5:45 a.m., as loud and clear as a salvo of mortars.

In fact, it was a salvo of mortars.

The boom-whiz-bang was followed by rifle shots as the hotel guests — five foreign journalists ...  (Read more)

U.N. Officials Denounce Bosnian Serb Barrage; Shelling of Srebrenica Is Called an ‘Atrocity’

The Washington Post
April 14, 1993

SPLIT, Croatia, April 13 – Outraged U.N. officials in Bosnia abandoned their customary diplomatic tones today and bitterly denounced Monday’s Serb nationalist bombardment of the Muslim city of Srebrenica — a daylong barrage that left 56 people dead, ...  (Read more)

A Springtime of No Hope; After a Year of Horror, Slavic Muslims Face a Future of Despair

The Washington Post
April 5, 1993

ZENICA, Bosnia – In a crowded office, the human costs of a year of war are being toted up in nervous scrawlings on white sheets of paper.

Bosnian refugees who have been “ethnically cleansed” from their homes by Serb warriors come to the Center for ...  (Read more)

In Sarajevo, Death and Love-15; ‘Tennis Nut’ Braves Serb Shot and Shell to Publish Magazine

The Washington Post
March 23, 1993

SARAJEVO – The siege of Sarajevo has been hard on tennis fans.

They can no longer play their favorite sport or watch it being played. They can’t even bang a ball against a wall. And most of them haven’t a clue about who won the U.S. Open or whether ...  (Read more)

Bosnia War Crimes Case Opens; Serbs Accused of Massacres, Rapes Face Sarajevo Court

The Washington Post
March 13, 1993

SARAJEVO – An embodiment of the banality of evil shuffled into a Sarajevo courtroom today, wearing a beaten pair of black shoes without laces.

Borislav Herak, self-confessed war criminal, looked like a defeated man on the first day of his trial for mass murder ...  (Read more)