New Deal: On North Korea, the U.S. Needs an Alternative to the Hawks’ Belligerent Rhetoric

The New Republic
December 22, 2003

It was a perfect day for a provocation. In late August, Norbert Vollertsen, a German human rights activist, traveled in a chartered bus from Seoul to Cholwon, just a few miles from the border with North Korea. His mission was simple: to launch a flock of hot air balloons, ...  (Read more)

Dirty War: How America’s Friends Really Fight Terrorism

The New Republic
November 2002

If you happen to believe the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist, you are quite possibly a member of the U.S. government. I realized this while visiting the home of a U.S. official in Pakistan one Sunday afternoon. Security guards are always stationed outside his residence. ...  (Read more)