The Ejection of Tucker Carlson Is a Classic “Reverse Ferret” by Rupert Murdoch

The Intercept
April 29, 2023

It’s been a lifetime since Fox News offloaded Tucker Carlson, and when I say a lifetime, I mean six days.

It feels like forever thanks to the exhausting velocity of theories that seek to explain the downfall of cable television’s most famous host and racist. Carlson ...  (Read more)

Trump’s Last Defense Secretary Has Regrets, but Not About Jan. 6

The Intercept
March 11, 2023

WHEN BUREAUCRATS GET big promotions, they tend to receive congratulations from their friends, but after Christopher Miller landed the biggest job of his life, his wife and some of his colleagues were horrified.

It was November 9, 2020, the day President Donald Trump fired ...  (Read more)

It’s Easy to Write a Memoir About War – but Hard to Write an Anti-War Memoir

The Intercept
Jan. 8, 2023

War is hell, we hear that all the time. If the cliché is true, another one is too: Depictions of war’s brutality can entice people to seek it out.

The 9/11 wars have yielded a bumper crop of books and films about U.S. soldiers that often have the ...  (Read more)