Bosnian Refugee Convoy Is Blocked; Slovenia Blames Austria, Austria Blames Germany for Transit Denial

The Washington Post
July 27, 1992

CATEZ, Croatia, July 26 – Six busloads of Bosnian women and children rolled up to a Slovenian border station near here Saturday and asked to be allowed to drive through Slovenia to promised sanctuary in the Netherlands.

More than 24 hours later, they are still ...  (Read more)

Muslims Forced to Leave Bosnia; Refugees Say Serbs Used Intimidation to Make Them Sign Up for U.N. Convoy

The Washington Post
July 25, 1992

KARLOVAC, Croatia, July 24 – Firing shots into the air and broadcasting threats over loudspeakers, ethnic Serbs in the Bosnian city of Bosanski Novi forced thousands of Muslims to join a United Nations evacuation convoy that was intended only for voluntary departures, ...  (Read more)

Fleeing to Safety in a U.N. Convoy; Thousands of Bosnian Muslims Take Emergency Corridor to Croatia

The Washington Post
July 24, 1992

KARLOVAC, Croatia, July 23 – About 4,500 terrified Slavic Muslims emerged from the Bosnian city of Bosanski Novi today after U.N. personnel carved out an emergency land corridor to rescue them from shootings, beatings and jailings at the hands of local Serbs.

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‘We Cannot Go On Like This’; Bosnian Refugees in Croatia Caught Between War and Politics

The Washington Post
July 18, 1992

SAVSKI MAROF, Croatia, July 17 – About 5,000 sick and weary refugees from Bosnia-Hercegovina — driven from their homes by Bosnia’s four-month-old war with Serb forces — are stranded in filthy railroad cars here while Croatia pleads with Western ...  (Read more)

Serb Shelling Hits Crowd of Refugees in Stadium; Cross-Border Fire Traps Fleeing Bosnians

The Washington Post
July 16, 1992

SLAVONSKI BROD, Croatia, July 15 – The blood-letting in Bosnia spilled over the border into Croatia today as a salvo of Serb artillery shells fell on a stadium packed with Bosnian refugees, killing at least eight and wounding scores more.

“People were torn ...  (Read more)

Dark Memories Haunt a Sunny Island Refuge; Terror of War Lingers for Bosnian Muslims

The Washington Post
June 23, 1992

BADIJA, Croatia – This is an island where paradise meets hell.

With its emerald waters, palm trees, balmy weather and a charming former Benedictine monastery, Badija is the kind of place travel agencies feature on big color posters. But for 340 Slavic Muslim refugees ...  (Read more)