Inside NSA, Officials Privately Criticize ‘Collect It All’ Surveillance

The Intercept
May 28, 2015

AS MEMBERS OF CONGRESS struggle to agree on which surveillance programs to re-authorize before the Patriot Act expires, they might consider the unusual advice of an intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency who warned about the danger of collecting too much data. ...  (Read more)

Stephen Kim Spoke To A Reporter. Now He’s In Jail. This Is His Story

The Intercept
February 18, 2015

ON THE MORNING of June 11, 2009, James Rosen stepped inside the State Department, scanned his building badge and made his way to the Fox News office in the busy press room on the second floor. It was going to be a hectic day. Like other reporters working the phones that ...  (Read more)

The Secret Breakers: How Laura Poitras Helped Edward Snowden Spill His Secrets

The New York Times Magazine
August 18, 2013

This past January, Laura Poitras received a curious e-mail from an anonymous stranger requesting her public encryption key. For almost two years, Poitras had been working on a documentary about surveillance, and she occasionally received queries from strangers. ...  (Read more)