A Bulletproof Mind: The Special Forces and the Traumas of Battle

The New York Times Magazine
November 10, 2002

Major Christopher Miller lay awake on a cot in a filthy room, no larger than a prison cell and cluttered with weapons and ammunition. He couldn’t sleep. It was a cold January night at the Special Forces base in Kandahar, and Miller was on the verge ...  (Read more)

Gul Agha Gets His Province Back. In Kandahar, the Warlord Has Returned.

The New York Times Magazine
January 6, 2002

Gul Agha Shirzai was the governor of Kandahar Province in the early 1990’s, an infamous period filled with anarchy that was shocking even by Afghan standards. Gul Agha was personally acquainted with the ethos of those times. In 1989, his father, who ...  (Read more)

Emroz Khan Is Having a Bad Day: Why Peshawar’s Youth Are Tinder for Extremism

The New York Times Magazine
October 21, 2001

Emroz Khan destroys for a living. He dismantles car engines, slicing them open with a sledgehammer and a crooked chisel, prying apart the cylinders, tearing out pistons, dislodging screws and bolts and throwing the metal entrails into a pile that will be ...  (Read more)