‘We Cannot Go On Like This’; Bosnian Refugees in Croatia Caught Between War and Politics

The Washington Post
July 18, 1992

SAVSKI MAROF, Croatia, July 17 – About 5,000 sick and weary refugees from Bosnia-Hercegovina — driven from their homes by Bosnia’s four-month-old war with Serb forces — are stranded in filthy railroad cars here while Croatia pleads with Western ...  (Read more)

Serb Shelling Hits Crowd of Refugees in Stadium; Cross-Border Fire Traps Fleeing Bosnians

The Washington Post
July 16, 1992

SLAVONSKI BROD, Croatia, July 15 – The blood-letting in Bosnia spilled over the border into Croatia today as a salvo of Serb artillery shells fell on a stadium packed with Bosnian refugees, killing at least eight and wounding scores more.

“People were torn ...  (Read more)

Dark Memories Haunt a Sunny Island Refuge; Terror of War Lingers for Bosnian Muslims

The Washington Post
June 23, 1992

BADIJA, Croatia – This is an island where paradise meets hell.

With its emerald waters, palm trees, balmy weather and a charming former Benedictine monastery, Badija is the kind of place travel agencies feature on big color posters. But for 340 Slavic Muslim refugees ...  (Read more)