U.N. Officials Dispute U.S. Airdrop Proposal; Peril to Aircrews over Bosnia Is Cited

The Washington Post
February 22, 1993

SARAJEVO, Feb. 21 –  U.N. military and humanitarian aid officials disagreed today about the wisdom of proposed American airdrops to starving Bosnian civilians, but they concurred that such an operation could entail significant risks to the cargo planes and aircrews ...  (Read more)

Bosnia Acts to End Aid Boycott; Cease-Fire Declared to Assist Shipments

The Washington Post
February 21, 1993

SARAJEVO, Feb. 20 – Under international pressure, the Bosnian government called on the Sarajevo city council today to lift its controversial boycott of humanitarian aid and declared a unilateral cease-fire to facilitate aid shipments.

The government’s turnabout ...  (Read more)

Meet the Only American Soldier in Sarajevo; Army Sergeant from Iowa, Assigned to U.N. Unit, Wants to Return – with U.S. Forces

The Washington Post
January 24, 1993

SARAJEVO – Sgt. Richard Roth is a stealth soldier.

While the Pentagon and White House have fretted about sending armed forces into Bosnia, Roth, a blunt-talking, Marlboro-smoking sergeant from Maquoketa, Iowa, slipped into Sarajevo as part of the U.N. peace-keeping ...  (Read more)

A Cry for Help from a Frozen Hell: Besieged Bosnian Town Uses Radio Link to Express Its Agony

The Washington Post
January 13, 1993

SARAJEVO – Through the static of a shortwave radio, Fadil Heljic made a frantic plea from hell.

“The town is like a big cemetery,” he shouted from the Muslim-held town of Zepa, which is surrounded by Serb forces and has had no food deliveries since ...  (Read more)