A Digital Leap Forward

Most technological breakthroughs are not breakthroughs in all ways; there’s often a drawback of one sort or another. As has been noted widely, PDAs are great but they don’t have the permanence of datebooks. A few years ago I leafed through my grandfather’s datebook from the 1950s; ...  (Read more)

The Slim-Fast Indicator

I walked into a drugstore in Islamabad yesterday and noticed, in a proud stack by the cash register, a dozen cans of Slim-Fast. A few yards away, on the street, was a montage of Pakistani misery—street kids, homeless men, hunger. This might be an economic indicator in the era of globalization, though ...  (Read more)

The Gay Pashtuns?

It’s not easy being female in Pashtun society but it’s not much easier being male. Men and women are strictly segregated–burqas predated the Taliban by centuries–which means the only females a male is supposed to see in his lifetime are his mother, sisters (if he has any) and ...  (Read more)