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  • Trump Built His Own Green Zone. He Got the Wall He Deserves.

    The Intercept
    June 5, 2020
    An array of what might be described as the accessories and devices of dictatorship have expanded with infectious ruthlessness in American cities. The police swinging batons wildly, the paramilitary forces refusing to identify themselves, the hysterical president trying to incite war, the vigilantes in league with the police, military helicopters clattering overhead, ...

  • HBO’s “Succession” Is a Masterful Demolition of the Absurdity and Cruelty of Our 1 Percent Overlords

    The Intercept
    August 10, 2019
    If you had to sum up decades of financial dystopia in America, you could go with the phrase “Money wins.” The accumulation of insane amounts of wealth by the 1 percent has flattened in its path everything else: the interests of ordinary people and the planet, as well as the notion that ...

  • The Problem at Fox News Is Not Just Tucker Carlson — It’s the Murdochs Who Owns the Network

    The Intercept
    July 10, 2019
    Yes, let’s get furious once again at Tucker Carlson, who has broadcast another segment of racist bilge at Fox News. But let’s not stop there.

    In a widely circulated clip that’s getting justifiably walloped by journalists who are not admirers of white nationalism, Carlson describes Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia, ...

  • How James Murdoch Uses Philanthropy to Distance Himself from the Taint of Fox News

    The Intercept
    June 29, 2019
    The mission of Unite America is lofty. As its name implies, the little-known group wants to heal a political system that has become “more divided and dysfunctional with each election cycle.”

    Its bipartisan mission is an implied critique of Fox News, which has been identified, in study after study, as a principal cause ...

  • What the Concentration Camps of Bosnia Can Teach Us About the Abuse of Immigrants at the U.S. Border

    The Intercept
    June 27, 2019
    How do you investigate human rights abuses at detention centers that are off-limits to outsiders?

    I am not one of the on-the-ground reporters covering the Trump administration’s abusive treatment of immigrant children on the border with Mexico, but more than 25 years ago I investigated the concentration camps where Serbs tortured and executed ...